Sunday, March 22, 2015

Alternative, Special, Unique, Flexible Schools for Dallas-Fort Worth Area Students

This is a list of schools in the DFW area designed for students needing or wanting something other than a traditional school.

Schools are listed in alphabetical order.

Bending Oaks - Dallas. 8th-12th grade. $23,000/year. 50 students.
For students who want to reduce stress and/or dislike traditional schools. Class size of 6. Electives include Rock Band and Yoga.

Bridge Builder Academy - Plano. K-12th grade. Ask school about tuition cost.
For students with learning disabilities, low self-confidence. Students are only on campus 2-4 days a week for about 10-15 hours. Self-paced. Diplomas are issued either through online programs from Texas Tech or University of Nebraska, or via homeschool rules or possibly via private school rules depending on needs of the student.

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch - near Amarillo, TX. Ages 5-16. No cost. Boarding/residential school.
For students needing short or long term full time care due to family situation or due to the child having problems. Kids live in group homes with house parents. Education is through the Boys Ranch ISD. For both boys and girls. Many DFW area students go to Boy's Ranch.

Callier Center for Communication Disorders - Dallas/Richardson. Infants to Kindergarten. $850-1,100/month.
For students who are hearing impaired or who communicate differently. Also for non-hearing impaired students.

Chase's Place - Richardson. School age. Sliding scale tuition - $5,200-22,500.
For students with moderate to severe developmental disabilities including mental retardation, PDD/autism, traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders. Also accepts student with severe behavioral problems and nonverbal students. There is a new program for adults with moderate to severe cognitive delays.

Coram Deo Academy - Flower Mound/Collin County/Dallas. PK-12th grade. $4,100-7,000/year for part-time and $9,700-12,000/year for full time. For students who only want to be on campus 2-3 days a week and complete the rest of their work at home under the supervision of their parents. There is also a full time 5-day-a-week program for grades 5th-12th. Classical Christian education.

Cornerstone Crossroads Academy - Dallas. Ages 16-21. No cost.
For "urban youth" students who have not succeeded in the public schools, but who want a high school diploma. Christian. School is funded by grants and private donations.

Crossroads Academy - Desoto. 1st-12th grade. $5,400/year.
For students who are gifted, average, learning disabled, or slow learner. Also has program for high school students struggling with public school mandatory graduation exams.

Dallas Academy - Dallas. 1st-12th grade. $14,000-20,000/year. 200 students.
For bright students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, spectrum disorders, memory and processing disorders.

Dallas International School - Dallas/Richardson. PK-12th grade. $14,000-21,000/year. 600 students.
For students wanting to be taught in French or seeking the French IB diploma. Birthday cut off is December 31 rather than Sept. 1.

Dallas Learning Center - Richardson. 6th-12th grade. $8,000-11,000/year.
For all students, but will also accept students with learning differences and students wishing to accelerate through school.

Evolution Academy - Richardson. 9th-12th grade. Free, public charter. Drop out recovery school. Half day classes, with supplemental computer classes. Catch-up credits. Recovering addicts. Pregnant students. ESL.

Fairhill School - Dallas. 1st-12th grade. $18,000/year. 220 students.
For bright students with dyslexia, ADHD and related disorders.

Fusion Academy - Dallas/Plano/coming to Southlake. Middle and high school. Ask school about tuition.
For students wanting to be educated one-on-one on a flexible schedule anytime between the hours of 7:30am-9:00pm.  No homework policy. Therapeutic support, if needed. Extended leaves okay. Also attracts high level athletes and child performers.

Gracewood Academy - Bedford. Bridge-11th grade. 12th grade being added. $2,486 to $4,890 depending on days attending. Part-time/homeschool. Christian.

Great Lakes Academy - Plano. K-12th grade. $15,000-19,000/year. 100 students.
For bright students with learning differences, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, ODD, OCD, SID, low self confidence, anxiety, extreme shyness.

Guthrie School - Allen. PK-5th grade. $13,000. Teaches using the Socratic method and Harkness Method.

Harmony Charter Schools - (12 campuses in the DFW area). This is the chain of charter schools related to Turkey, Fethullah Gulen and Turkish nationals.

Hill School - Fort Worth. 1st-12th grade. $17,000-19,000.
For bright students who learn differently.

Hillier School - Highland Park. 1st-8th grade. $12,400/year. 45 students.
For students with dyslexia and related disorders. Christian.

Jane Justin School - Fort Worth. Ages 3-15. $14,000-16,700.
For students with developmental and learning disabilities and related behavior disorders.

Jean Massieu Academy Charter - Arlington. PK-12th grade. No cost. 100 students.
For students who are deaf, hard of hearing and their siblings and peers. Instruction is in both English and American Sign Language.

Key School - Ft. Worth. 1st-12th grade. $18,000/year. 100 students.
For students not reaching their academic potential.

Marine Military Academy - Harlingen, TX. 8th-12th grade. $35,300/year (boarding school). Boys only.
For students seeking a boarding school/military school experience. College prep. School attracts many boys from the DFW area. Also offers a one year, post graduation program.

Newfound School - Carrollton. PK-12th grade. $17,500-19,500/year. 20 students.
For students with autism, Asperger's, PDD, emotional and behavioral challenges, bi-polar, ADHD, learning differences, intellectual disabilities (low IQ), Fragile X, medical and physical challenges. There is also a program for children down to age 2 and adults up to age 25.

Notre Dame School - Dallas. Ages 8-21. $8,000/year.
For students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, such as Down Syndrome. Catholic.

Oak Hill Academy - Dallas. PK-12th grade. $15,000-24,000/year.
For students with learning differences and social challenges.

Preston Hollow Presbyterian School - Dallas. K-6th grade. $17,000-18,000/year. 133 students.
For students with learning differences. IQ must be 90 or above.

Rise School - Dallas. Ages 1-6. $1,082/month. Year round schedule.
For children with Down Syndrome or other developmental disabilities. Also open to non-disabled children at lower rates. Classes are a mix of children with and without disabilities.

San Marcos Academy - San Marcos, TX. Co-ed. 6th-12th grade. $34,000/year (boarding school). 270 students of which 60% are boarding students. Co-ed.
For students seeking boarding school experience. Many DFW students attend this school. Christian.

Shelton School and Evaluation Center - Dallas. Age 3-12th grade. $27,000/year. 950 students.
For bright students with dyslexia, ADHD and related disorders.

Spring Creek Academy - Plano. 2nd-12th grade. 200 students. Ask school about tuition.
For students who are gifted, talented and highly motivated. Students only attend half days either morning or afternoon, 4 days a week and additional schedules can be considered on a case by case basis. Popular with high level gymnasts and other athletes, but also attracts child actors, musicians and dancers.

St. Anthony School - Carrollton. 1st-12th grade. $20,000-22,000/year.
Therapeutic school. For students with Asperger's, autism, ADHD, bi-polar, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, PDD-NOS, sensory integration disorder.

Star Point School - Fort Worth. Ages 6-12. $14,000.
For students with learning disabilities and IQ of 90 or above. Located on campus of TCU.

Texans/Dallas Can Academies Charter schools - Carrollton-Farmers Branch, Grant East, Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove, Ross Avenue and two locations in Ft. Worth. No cost.
For students at risk of dropping out of high school, but who want a high school diploma.

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science ("TAMS") - Denton. High school juniors and seniors. Tuition is free, but students pay room and board.
For exceptionally gifted and intelligent students seeking a residential program and dual credit classes. Students live in a dorm and attend classes at The University of North Texas.

Texas Online Preparatory School ("TOPS") - Online. 3rd-12th grade. Public - No cost.

Texas Success Academy - Online. 6th-12th grade. Private. Also for students who have failed state graduation exams, international students, students needing specific credits and/or summer school and adults returning for a high school diploma.

Texas Virtual Academy - Online. 3rd-12th grade.  Public - No cost.

Vanguard Preparatory - Dallas. PK-12th grade. Ask school about tuition.
For students with autism, ADHD, mood disorders, processing disorders, language disorders, social or emotional delays. School also has intense therapeutic program for students attending other schools but who need temporary intense program to handle significant anxiety, social or behavior issues that would benefit from daily therapy and a structured program for $325/day.

Willow Bend Academy - Plano/Lewisville. 4th-12th grade. $11,100 full time on campus, $5,800 for homeschoolers and $480 per single class for those attending other schools.
For students wanting to graduate early or who are behind or who have unique health issues. Also for international students needing a US diploma. On campus students attend half days only either morning or afternoon. Self-paced.

Winfree Academy Charter Schools - Grand Prairie, Irving, Lewisville, North Richland Hills, Richardson, South Dallas. 9th-12th grade and ages 14-26. No cost.
For students who only want to attend school half days either morning or afternoon. For adults who want a high school diploma. Also has program for pregnant students, addiction recovery and English as a Second Language.

Winston School - Dallas. 1st-12th grade. $21,000-29,000/year. 200 students.
For bright students who learn differently.

Wylie Preparatory Academy - Wylie. K-12th grade. Must meet with school to learn tuition rates. Christian. University Model School schedule meaning students meet for class on M-W-F and study at home on T-Th.

Yorktown Education - Plano. 1st-12th grade. Ask school about tuition.
For students who want to advance based on performance and not based on age or grade. Also for students with intense outside interests such as high level sports or acting. "Do what you love" curriculum. Dual college enrollment.


Dallas ISD magnet program

The Dallas public school system has numerous magnet schools targeting students with specific needs, a handful of which are truly outstanding. You must apply the year prior for a seat in one of these programs. No late applications are accepted. Out of district students can apply and get accepted, but in-district students are given preference. No cost to attend public schools. The Dallas ISD website has a lot of information about these programs including how many openings are available each year.

The better magnet schools in DISD are:

Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts ("Arts magnet").
Students admitted through an audition process. Areas are art, dance, music and theatre. Located in downtown Dallas.

School for the Talented and Gifted ("TAG"). High school.

School of Science and Engineering ("SEM"). High school.

William B. Travis Academy/Vanguard for the Academically Talented and Gifted ("Travis TAG"). 4th-8th grades.

George Bannerman Dealey Montessori Vanguard and International Academy ("Dealey Montessori"). K-8th grades.